Complex/Business Litigation.

As both a larger firm attorney and a solo practicioner, I have litigated numerous high stakes cases in state, federal, and appellate courts.  These cases have included claims for unfair and deceptive business practices, breach of contract, equitable estoppel, tortious interference with contract/business relations, and numerous other statutory, common law, and equitable claims available to experienced litigators in the business context. 

My firm strives to deliver professionalism, respect, and credibility before arbiters and takes great pride in our ability to exhaustively research statutes, regulations, and case law, and our ability to vigorously apply these standards in concise and well written briefs, in all levels of litigation.  My experience working inside the chambers of two different federal judges, inside one of the largest law firms in the nation, and as a trial attorney of record in both state and federal jury trials creates a unique level of perspective and experience appreciated by business clients.

Litigation in the business/commercial context encompasses disputes arising from all varieties of business agreements, ranging from standard construction disputes over a homeowner's pool/lansdcaping project to a minority shareholder's rights in a closely held small business or the enforcement of a non-competition agreement to a mid-size business' IT vendor.  These types of matters may also involve partnership and close corporation disputes; claims of business fraud; actions stemming from assets purchase agreements, mergers, or acquisitions; unfair and deceptive business practice claims; and disputes over agreements with suppliers, vendors, customers, distributors, and franchisees.

Just as importantly, my firm counsels clients on business issues so that they can avoid protracted litigation.  My firm works with clients to help anticipate and manage business disputes before they explode.  As a trusted long term counselor to clients, I believe it is my role to know a client’s business so that we can help avoid lawsuits and improve the outlook for success given our early involvement and counseling. 

My firm does not engage in unnecessary discovery disputes or puffery to clients on the potential merits of any action.  These actions needlessly protract the cost and time of litigation.  My approach strives to benefit business clients and deliver greater efficiency, less litigation, and an overall lower cost of doing business. 



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