My approach and objective to the very few and limited individual employee side cases we take on is very simple: my firm only accepts a limited handful of individual cases, every few years, that we believe will proceed to a jury trial and result in a substantial verdict.  My firm is not interested in representing individuals in the hopes of obtaining a discounted settlement.  All too often, law firms claiming to practice "employment law" on behalf of plaintiffs bring claims that have no real chance of succeeding before a fair minded jury of citizens - all with the unstated goal to obtain an early settlement.  In many instances, my firm proudly defends small to mid-size business employers in these type of cases every year.  From the outset of litigation, my firm dedicates all the resources necessary to deliver each individual case to a jury trial.  Because of this selectivity, I am able to devote a significant amount of time to each case and aggressively pursue employee claims through years of litigation and appeals, if necessary, until a jury is seated and the case is heard. 


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