My firm understands small to mid-size businesses and defends employers in employment law litigation.  One of the single largest risks facing growing employers today is a large fine, investigation, or audit by an arm of the federal government or a lawsuit filed by a disgruntled employee.

Today, the legal market is changing to reflect a leaner and more demanding small to mid-size business client.  Businesses demand a responsive law firm that operates on an extremely tight budget with little to no overhead costs.  Businesses need an attorney that has worked day in and day out in a factory, in a field, or in a store and has actually managed a business.  Businesses need an attorney that can approach an employment law challenge from both sides of the issue with an objective perspective, rather than provide the same one-sided "plaintiff's" or "defense" perspective because that's all the law firm may know.  And, businesses need a law firm that will serve as a long term counselor to their day-to-day operations, just a phone call away, available to answer any employment law question no matter how big or how small.

Small to mid sized businesses desperately need that kind of attorney and that new kind of law firm.  Ask our clients.  Ask our opponents.  MKN is that law firm.

Fill out our initial business employer information form and sign up for a complimentary, no-obligation on-site business consultation and human resources risk assessment analysis to find out for yourself.    


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